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Music by Philip Thicknes for singers & players

Sacred Texts
Arrangements of Plainchant
Original Setting

This work is mainly based on melodies from the Cantigas de amigo, which I culled from the CD entitled "Music for Alfonso the Wise" by the Dufay Collective (2005). William Lyons transcribed these amazing melodies by Martin Codax (fl.c.1230) from the El Escorial Library, Spain, and Vivien Ellis sang them.

The original poems set by Codax decribe a young woman waiting for the return of her lover from the sea. Her mood changes, beginning with the sadness of separation, then the joy of setting off to meet him in the belief that he’s coming back, then the loneliness of waiting, and finally the certainty that he will never return: hence the title Requiem for a lost love. The Agnus Dei uses the last melody as a solo for alto voice.

I have added in some polyphony of my own in certain places, mainly psalms, such as "Te decet hymnus" in the Introit, "In memoria æterna" in the Gradual, "Quam olim Abrahæ" in the Offertory, "Tremens factus sum ego" in the Responsory (Libera me), and the whole of the In paradisum.

For the "Dies iræ" I used the original plainchant (moving around the parts) and added some organum-like harmonies in other parts.

Requiem for a Lost Love

Haec Dies


File: H+ªc dies.mp3.mp3

File: Hæc dies.pdf

File: H+ªc dies (Sib 5).sib

File: H+ªc dies (Sib 6).sib

Supliqué per nous touti

SATB & Organ

File: Supliqu+® per nous touti.mp3.mp3

File: Supliqué per nous touti.pdf

File: Supliqu+® per nous touti (Sib 5).sib

File: Supliqu+® per nous touti (Sib 6).sib

The Churches of Bywell

SATB, hurdy-gurdy & percussion

File: The churches of Bywell.mp3

File: The churches of Bywell.pdf

File: The churches of Bywell (Sib 5).sib

File: The churches of Bywell (Sib 6).sib

Prayer of St Aidan

Tenor solo & whistle

File: Prayer of St Aidan.mp3

File: Prayer of St Aidan.pdf

File: Prayer of St Aidan (Sib5).sib

File: Prayer of St Aidan (Sib 6).sib

The Sea


File: The Sea.mp3

File: The Sea.pdf

File: The Sea (Sib 5).sib

File: The Sea (Sib 6).sib

By the waters of Babylon

File: By the waters of Babylon.mp3

File: By the waters of Babylon.pdf

File: By the waters of Babylon.sib

Oswald and Aidan

File: Oswald and Aidan.mp3

Oswald and Aidan all PDF’s

File: Oswald and Aidan.sib

Alme Confessor Domini


File: Alme confessor domini.mp3

File: Alme confessor domini.pdf

File: Alme confessor domini (Sib 5).sib

File: Alme confessor domini (Sib 6).sib

Languor accrescens


File: Languor accrescens.mp3

File: Languor accrescens.pdf

File: Languor accrescens (Sib 5).sib

File: Languor accrescens (Sib 6).sib

Victimae paschali


File: Victimæ Paschali (SATB).mp3.mp3

File: Victimæ Paschali (SATB).pdf

File: Victim+ª Paschali (Sib 5).sib

File: Victim+ª Paschali (Sib 6).sib

File: Introit.mp3

File: Introit.pdf

File: Introit (Sib 5).sib

File: Introit (Sib 6).sib

File: Kyrie.mp3

File: Kyrie.pdf

File: Kyrie (Sib 5).sib

File: Kyrie (Sib 6).sib

File: Gradual.mp3

File: Gradual.pdf

File: Gradual (Sib 5).sib

File: Gradual (Sib 6).sib

File: Sequence (Dies ir+ª).mp3

File: Sequence (Dies ir+ª).pdf

File: Sequence (Dies ir+ª) (SIb 5).sib

File: Sequence (Dies ir+ª) (Sib 6).sib

File: Offertory by Exultemus.mpeg.mp3

File: Offertory.pdf

File: Offertory (Sib.5).sib

File: Offertory (Sib 6).sib

File: Sanctus & Benedictus.mp3

File: Sanctus & Benedictus.pdf

File: Sanctus & Benedictus (Sib 5).sib

File: Sanctus & Benedictus (Sib 6).sib

File: Agnus Dei by Emma B.mpeg

File: Agnus Dei.pdf

File: Agnus dei (Sib 5).sib

File: Agnus dei (Sib 6).sib

File: Communion.mp3

File: Communion.pdf

File: Communion (Sib 5).sib

File: Communion (Sib 6).sib

File: Responsory (Libera me).mp3

File: Responsory (Libera me).pdf

File: Responsory (Libera me) (Sib 5).sib

File: Responsory (Libera me) (Sib 6).sib

File: In paradisum.mp3

File: In paradisum.pdf

File: In paradisum (Sib 5).sib

File: In paradisum (Sib 6).sib